In 2011 the National Alliance of Recovery Residences (NARR) made history by establishing a national standard for all recovery residences. This standard defines the spectrum of recovery oriented housing and services and distinguishes four different types, which are known as “levels” or “levels of support.” The Standard of Care was developed through a strength-based and collaborative approach that solicited input from all major regional and national recovery housing organizations. Guidance for the standard was also received from recovery residence providers from across the nation representing all four levels of support and nationally recognized recovery support stakeholders.



In May 2016 NARR released its Code of Ethics for recovery residences. This Code is designed for operators, staff, peer leaders and volunteers working in any recovery home. 


NCARR offers peace of mind to those persons aspiring to embrace a better, sober life for themselves and their loved ones. Within the next five years, NCARR will have helped create a safer, consistent more reliable resource in the recovery community by holding members to a level of service necessary to encourage self-sufficient productive lives.


NCARR seeks to ensure a standard of excellence among its members thus becoming the trusted resource for both professionals looking to provide addiction recovery services and for persons in need of addiction recovery services to find each other wherever they are in the continuum of care.


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